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What’s it like to work with Motulus?


What is it like to work with Motulus? We explore here some of the principals and examples of our customer centric approach to optimization implementation.

Sometimes we are asked the question what is it like to work with Motulus?  We have a set of amazing optimization products that deliver great results. But we also pride ourselves on being very customer focussed.  We believe in a personalized approach that goes beyond automated responses and generic solutions. It involves actively engaging with customers, understanding their unique needs and challenges, and offering tailored support to address them effectively.

This hands-on approach signifies a commitment to building meaningful relationships with customers, prioritizing their success, and becoming trusted partners in their journey towards achieving their goals. It entails being proactive in anticipating and resolving issues, providing timely guidance and assistance, and continuously striving to exceed expectations.

We set out or standards by not operating as an organisation where a friendly sales rep promises the world, but after go live support is frustrating. The commitments are not quite up to the levels you had hoped for: possibly response times are too long, possibly there are additional fees to pay, occasionally you don’t even get a response.

Optimization engines often support dynamic operating models and business units that need a lot of configuration.  In these environments users are constantly seeking flexibility and changing settings to try to generate the best plan. Crew rostering and tail assignment problems in aviation are no different and often set very complex challenges for optimization software to tackle: challenges which change in nature from month to month.We recognise this at Motulus. We have a powerful and flexible optimization engine but we also recognize that it cannot operate as a one size fits all product. We like to work very closely with our customers to support them as their business changes.  Examples of recent additional work are:

  • Re-writing rules to generate scenarios to support union negotiations
  • Proactively checking output quality and data feed issues
  • Responding to ad hoc change request with rapid turnarounds

We consider these principles when working with customers:

  • Proactive Communication: reaching out to customers regularly to check on progress, offer tips and best practices, and inform them about updates or new features relevant to their needs.
  • Personalized Support: we invest in understanding each customer’s unique requirements and preferences, and tailor your support and recommendations accordingly.
  • Responsive Assistance: we prioritise responsiveness and accessibility, ensuring that customers can easily reach out for help whenever they encounter issues or have questions.
  • Continuous Improvement: we look to receive feedback from customers regularly to identify areas for improvement and refine your customer service processes accordingly.

Our commitment lies in your success, and we aim to contribute to it through our optimization solutions. We want to be there for you at every step, acknowledging the use of sophisticated mathematical models in a complex environment. With each customer, we view our relationship as a partnership, where our success is intertwined with yours. And if you don’t believe us, just ask our customers.



Photo by Diva Plavalaguna