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Meet the team: Mirka Bugaj


At the end of 2023 Mirka joined the team to help on the product and project management side of our growing business.  Mirka also expands our footprint to Budapest.  Read more about Mirkas’ interest in optimization here.

I joined Motulus a couple of months ago as a technical project and product manager.

I have a background in operations research and work experience in data science developing machine learning and optimisation algorithms, focusing mainly on the airline and supply chain industries.

Before Motulus, I worked for five years at KLM, where I developed and implemented decision support tools for tail assignment, disruption management and resource allocation optimisation. After that I worked as a technical project lead in a London based supply chain start-up. Recently I moved back to my home in Budapest to be more connected to my roots after 12 years of living abroad.I have joined Motulus because I wanted to be back in the area of optimisation as part of a small team where I can make an impact. I especially believe in the often understated power of optimization when it comes to industries where even a small change can make a big difference in cost and energy savings. I am fascinated by the airline industry because of its complexity; every airline has its own legacy systems and rules of thumbs that often don’t stand the test of time and constant environmental changes. I believe that by leveraging data and algorithms, we can make airlines much more effective and a better place to work at while also preparing for a more sustainable future.

I enjoy overseeing the projects of our small company, where everyone is motivated to create a high quality product, which generates creative solutions by calculating millions or billions of possibilities. I really appreciate our company’s culture as we focus on long lasting solutions and relationships instead of quick sales. I like to accommodate our customers’ needs and see them being satisfied by using a tool that helps their everyday work. Currently I’m excited to take part in the conceptualization and design process of a product from scratch and I can’t wait to see its evolution as soon as new customers are onboard.

In general, I’m very happy to be part of the Motulus team and I’m looking forward to speaking with more airlines and seeing how we can help them improve their processes.