About us

Motulus Aero

Motulus was founded in 2015 by experts in mathematical algorithms, software engineering and high-performance computing. In 2019 we took the opportunity to bring high performance software to aviation and created Motulus Aero.

Motulus.com develops advanced and proprietary optimization algorithms which are integrated by Motulus.aero in solutions that improve operational efficiency and reduce operational cost for airlines.

Next to operational optimization and planning, Motulus.aero also has solutions to perform long-term and strategic planning.

Research and development is state-of-the-art and is based on the most recent developments in mathematics, computer science and other scientific fields.

Core team

  • Wim Vanroose

    PhD in Physics
    Prof. Applied Mathematics
    Chair of the Board of Directors

  • Benjamin Algoet

    MSc in Engineering

  • Przemyslaw Klosiewicz

    PhD in Mathematics

  • Johan Andries

    PhD in Physics

  • Mirka Bugaj

    MSc in Operations Research

    8 years in Aviation and Logistics

  • Bart Partoens

    PhD in Physics
    Prof. Physics
    Senior Advisor

  • Steven Rushworth

    MSc in Operational Research
    20+ years experience in travel
    Business Development (Contractor)

  • Linda Segers

    Bachelors in Office Management

    20 years in HR & Finance

  • Yannick van den Steen

    MSc in Physics

    2 years experience in IT consultancy

  • Sebastian Van Thienen

    MSc in Applied Mathematics

  • Ward Van Duppen

    MSc in Industrial Engineering
    Airline Pilot
    Head of Product

  • Michiel Wouters

    PhD in Applied Mathematics