The Motulus Pairings solution generates the most efficient set of flight and cabin crew pairings to cover an airline’s flying program.   A pairing set can be generated over a flexible time horizon (for example from one week to one month) and can be used as an input to to airlines rostering process, manpower planning forecasting or to conduct what if scenarios.

The pairings are generated with an aim to:

  • Reduce airline costs: for example duty day costs, hotel costs, positioning costs, per diem costs.
  • Generate robust pairings by creating buffers of FDP and minimising aircraft changes.
  • Adhere to all legal and company rules, as well as applying soft rules to encourage best practice in building pairings.

The Pairing Optimizer can dynamically calculate fatigue scores via an API to a recognised fatigue methodology.  The solution also has an API to get access to accurate positioning flight times and prices.

Studies have demonstrated that the Motulus Pairing Optimizer competes with any pairings optimization product on the market; it has been deployed into airlines with complex operating models (multi-base, multi-haul, multi-fleet operations) with great success.

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash