Find the Global Optimum



Combine the power of cloud computing and our pioneering algorithms to find the global optimum for your optimization challenges.


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  • Integrated crew scheduling

    Apply the latest state-of-the-art integrated crew solver, to schedule your crew in the most optimal way.

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  • Pairings Optimizer

    Generate crew pairings using state-of-art pairings optimzation

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  • Network optimization

    Let the algorithm minimize costs, maximize benefits and find hidden synergies.

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  • Tail Assignment

    Reduce fuel and operating costs whilst delivering high operational stability and OTP by using cutting edge optimization techniques.

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  • Optimization as a service

    Use the experience and knowledge of our team to create custom solutions for your challenges.

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What makes us different

  • Benchmarks show improvements up to 25% compared to non-mathematic driven approaches.

    Ward Van Duppen

    Head of Product

  • Our proprietary products and solvers allow easy customization, resulting in fast and efficient implementations.

    Benjamin Algoet


  • Our team is a unique combination of PhD level mathematicians, university professors, software engineers and aviation experts.

    Przemyslaw Klosiewicz


  • We use the next generation of mathematics to boost the aviation industry.

    Wim Vanroose

    Chair of the Board of Directors

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