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Motulus to progress to their second session of the Sustainable Aero Labs programme.


Motulus progress to the next session of the programme supporting the transition to a sustainable future in aviation.

Following a successful initial participation in the Sustainable Aero Lab programme; Motulus have been selected to continue their involvement and will participate in their second session.  The second session will involve collaboration with three more experts, who will act as mentors, as Motulus continues to strive to deliver pioneering optimization products to the aviation industry.  Motulus solutions can directly have an impact on an organizations carbon footprint whilst still delivering a financial benefit and increasing employee satisfaction.

The first session brought insightful and thought provoking discussions with the mentors: who bring deep and diverse experience and expertise to the programme.  Motulus CEO Benjamin Algoet commented “I would recommend the Sustainable Aero Lab to any startup who is passionate about the transition to a sustainable future in aviation, and also eager to grow and learn.  Our conversations with mentors were extremely valuable and have helped Motulus shape its development of optimization solutions tremendously.”

The sustainable Aero Lab programmes create an opportunity for startups to challenge themselves to further excel in their field.  Startups collaborate with some of the world’s best experts in startups, aviation, venture capital and sciences to help accelerate projects.  In turn this provides a strong platform for airlines and partner organizations to work with Motulus to deliver their own sustainable objectives.

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