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Meet the team: Linda Segers


At we continue to grow: welcome to our latest team member: Linda Segers.

How long have you worked for Motulus, and what did you do beforehand?

I recently started working for Motulus again, on a part time basis. Before, I held a number of different roles, mainly support in HR, Finance, overall administration, etc.

What attracted you to join  Motulus?, and what’s it like to work here?

Well, I don’t think you can find many companies similar to Motulus. It’s impressive, what they create, how smart everyone is. But also, everyone is very motivated, there’s humor, a nice atmosphere, a lot of trust. I’m really interested in what they do, although I have a support role and I’m not involved in creating and optimizing the product.

Can you describe a typical week? What do you enjoy about the challenges you face today?

I just started but I will be handling payroll, HR issues, and giving administrative support of all kinds.

Highlights from your time so far?

The job, the colleagues, the office (with a bar downstairs!).

What excites you about the development of Motulus products?

Everything, you can not be not excited about it 😄. It’s an amazing product, we have to be proud that a Belgian company is creating this product for the aviation industry worldwide.

And outside of Motulus what do you do, or interests you, in your spare time?
I like books, fiction as well as non fiction and contemporary writers as well as books that were written centuries ago.

I like to go to concerts, meet friends, go to a bar or a restaurant. And I also love walking.

And when you do get to travel?
Window or aisle seat?  Both are fine.
Coffee or tea?  Coffee! Quite a few of them in the morning.
Get to the airport early or last minute?  Not very early but never too late 🙂.
You are early for a flight: do you browse the shops, get a coffee or head to the bar?  In the morning: get a coffee, in the evening: head to the bar. No shopping 🙂.